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Beauty and the Beast

I have been reading and re-reading another blog on WordPress –“Beauty and the Beast” – it is a raw and powerful piece telling of a woman’s experience of mental and emotional bullying from a (now) ex-husband, its continuing effects (rendering her a beast in her own eyes, even now) and the efforts she is now making to recover a sense of beauty and worth.

Naturally, many of her readers have sent messages of support and love, and she says how much this helps, but I wonder if she realises the significance of her very attempt to start her life anew. For surely, the greatest of all human beauties is freedom, for all the other beauty that humans have or can produce; love, honour, warmth, grace of movement, music, song – they rely upon freedom. That is why any story of a struggle for liberation always strikes such a deep chord in people. This woman may find it difficult to believe, but in the very act of trying to free herself of her history, she liberates that greatest of all beauties and actually puts herself alongside many of the greats of history, from the civil rights movement in America, to the freedom-leaders of South Africa, the wartime French resistance, the Congress movement in India, the suffragettes of many countries,  and so on.

And so this woman’s story is a story and an example to us all; very important in these times, I think.

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