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Has Photography Lost its Soul?

I met Patrick Keough on a street-corner in Vienna when we were both lost looking for a photographic exhibition. Later on, after we had found the exhibition he mentioned this blog – enjoy!


Photography has a rich and illustrious history and is a relatively new medium compared to other art forms.  I mean painting has been around for 0ver 30,000 years compared to photography’s relatively short history. Photography has also borrowed much of the visual language from painting and applied it for both composition and content translation purposes.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 11.53.14 AM

I personally believe our true goal as photographers is visually translating external /internal references (landscape, nature, people, architecture) and metaphorically (symbolically and/or blatantly) translating our expressive/emotional response to our subject matter into a conceptual bridge (path) for deeper awareness and understanding of the world around us spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. This can be accomplished realistically or in more abstract / conceptual ways.

Last week I spent 2 days reviewing photographic portfolios in Bratislava for the European Month of Photography and also have attended many photo exhibitions and opening during my travels in Eastern Europe over…

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The Chitwan – a few more images

Looking back at my last two posts, I have realised that I am probably putting too many photos into some of my blogs, making for a bit of a messy experience for the reader. But, on the other hand, I really like some of my photos. So, for a while, at least, I am going to try putting less pics in with my main blogs, and supplementary picture posts, where I can’t resist. Let me know if you have any comments.

Only four this time, on account of the above –

A close up of the mother monkey from Chitwas Pt 1.

A close up of the mother monkey from Chitwan Pt 1.

Buffalo being herded home i the evening - I just loved the umbrella.

Buffalo being herded home in the evening – I just loved the umbrella.

A baby elephant at the brreding centre, struggling with that pesky thing, gravity.

A baby elephant at the breeding centre, struggling with that pesky thing, gravity.

Taken from the hotel's observation hut  - a great place to relax in the evening.

Taken from the hotel’s observation hut – a great place to relax in the evening.

Why all the aussies?

Over recent months, I have noticed that a lot of the “likes” I get on this blog are from Aussies – given that wordpress seems to be dominated by Americans, I have wondered why that is. For a little while, I thought it might be just the time of day I post my blogs – usually late at night. This means they are probably being picked up on the WordPress threads around lunch-time along the East coast. But the thing is, I am now writing from India, which is five hours closer, but  it’s still happening. So, unless these particular people like being up at 6.00 in the morning….

So then, I think,”Could it be the incisive but easy humour and deep perpective quality of my writing? But there’s a catch – most of the Aussie likes are from photographers – female ones, at that, a fact which appeals to my vanity until I am reminded that its the writing I am really interested in doing – the photos are supposed to be there just for illustration…..

All of which goes to show that you really shouldn’t try to analyse your audience, too much. Just be grateful you have one, :-).

Around home

Today I woke to the latest in a series of dry and sunny days that we have had in the UK, after weeks of rain, snow, wind and rain, again. Finally, I had a chance for a walk in my local woods and fields, and the weather to do it in. Very few pics, but that is because I was trying to resist the camera in favour of the moments (see Cameradrama 2) of which I am pleased to say there were many.

Aroundhome1In a couple of weeks’ time, I shall be off on my grand tour around the world, so much of it so very different, but to this I will return – how fortunate am I?

Which brings me to something that I am curious about – in each of these shots that I preserved out of so many, why the roads or corridors or pathways that go off into the distance? Is it just me, or is this one of those archetypes of imagery that everyone is drawn to? Is it what is in the picture, or what lies as yet undiscovered, just beyond that gate, those trees, that corner?







Cameramadrama 2

Today, a month after getting this new camera, I gazed out upon a beautifully snow-filled scene and realised, to my horror, that my feelings about my surroundings were being overwhelmed by the desire to get a picture of it. “Hey”, said I to my brain,”This camera was bought to be able share what moves me. Impressing others with pretty pictures is just so, not the point!”.

So, when it came to walking out into that stillness, the camera stayed firmly in its bag. It took about half an hour for those feelings that herald natural connection – expanding awareness – peace, to appear. Only then could the camera be allowed to join the process.

It would be nice to report that this led to getting a better series of photos. Not as such. But here is a shot of something.

Newfdland dr_008

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